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iOS Interview Questions 2019 - Part 2

Questions, Tips and Tricks to clear iOS Interview Questions

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Last part we have covered the general questions on iOS, Swift and good approaches. This part is also the same but it includes all the differences between.

Class vs Struct

Enum - Associated vs Raw

Stored property vs Computed property

map vs filter vs compactMap vs reduce

escaping vs non-escaping vs trailing vs auto-closures

open vs public vs internal vs fileprivate vs private

IBOutlet vs IBAction

Strong vs weak vs unowned

Operations vs GCD

App states

frame vs bound

Forced Unwrapping vs Automatic Unwrapping vs Optional Binding

UIViewController Life Cycle:


CoreData vs SQLite vs Realm

will meet you in part 3 with a different set of tricks and tips for cracking iOS Developer interview.

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