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Swift Package Plugins - Getting Started


This article doesn’t explain what is a Swift Package Plugin, but just provides Source Code of the demos discussed in the related WWDC videos.

I hope you will have better resources to start diving into Swift Package Plugin, next time we will understand in detail what it is, how it works & where we can use it.

Meet Swift Package plugins

In this WWDC video, @Anders Bertelrud walks us through the basics of Plugins. But, it doesn’t show the code as he used the remote Package dependencies.

I tried to search for the packages used, had some luck to find related code examples from @Anders Bertelrud’s repos. Forked them to keep a record in case upstream is deleted.


These repos are not updated & might not work. But, they might be a good starting point to learn about Plugin & what it can do.

Create Swift Package plugins

In this WWDC video, @Boris Bugling actually creates the Plugins, you can find the snippets in the video link, but the complete code is not downloadable. So, I have created working swift packages for you.

Command Plugin


Build Tools Plugin

In-build Command


Pre-build Command


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