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iOS Interview Questions 2019 - Part 1

Questions, Tips and Tricks to clear iOS Interview Questions

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Interview - a common word we hear most in the corporate world.

1510s, "face-to-face meeting, formal conference" from Middle French entrevue, verbal noun from s'entrevoir, "to see each other, visit each other briefly, have a glimpse of" from entre- "between"

From a fresher to CEO, everyone needs to appear for an interview at some time. After a few interesting experiences and some research, I found some easy ways to prepare for iOS Developer Interview and crack it with confidence.

General Questions

  1. Tell me about your last/current project ?
  2. Explain the architecture of your current project ?
  3. Tell me about your role in the project ?
  4. What are the challenges you faced in the project ?

These four are the most important questions we need to be careful, so answer them clear and confident.


The First Impression is the best impression. Whether in telephonic round or one on one technical round. Our first 15 minutes has an important role always.

Questions on Swift

  1. Difference between Objective-C and Swift (😜 Yeah, I know, since the release of Swift 1.1 in 2014 to till now most interviewers are asking this question first)

  2. What is Sequence Protocol ?

  3. Difference between GCD and NSOperationQueues ?

  4. What is escaping and non escaping closures ?

  5. Explain enum with associated type ?

  6. What is an extension ?

  7. What is a retain cycle ?

  8. What is an Iterator Protocol ?

  9. Difference between Delegate and NSNotification ?

  10. What is an offset ?

  11. Difference between class and struct ?

  12. What is NSManagedObjects, Managed Object Context and NSPersistentClass ?

  13. What are the benefits of NSOperation ?

  14. What are the types of closures ?

  15. Difference between Foundation and CoreFoundation

  16. What are Tuples ?

  17. What is optional chaining and optional binding ?

  18. What are blocks ?

  19. What is Coding key protocol ?

  20. What is an @objc inference ?

  21. Explain JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder ?

  22. What are the different types of Initializers in swift ?

  23. What is bounding box ?

  24. What is Dynamic Dispatch ?

  25. Difference between ANY and ANYOBJECT ?

These are the most common questions asked in a telephonic or first level of technical round.

Questions on Architecture and Best Practices

  1. What is VIPER ?

  2. Difference between MVVM and VIPER ?

  3. What is the role of Interactor in VIPER ?

  4. What are Bindings ?

  5. What is dependency injection ?

  6. What is dependency inversion ?

  7. What are SOLID principles ?

  8. What is an iOS Snapshot Test ?

  9. How to achieve greater code coverage ?

  10. How to find memory leaks ?

  11. What are the ways to analyse an app crash ?

  12. How TDD helps in the development process ?

  13. What is SwiftLint ?

  14. What are the clean ways to add assets into our project ?

  15. Disadvantages of MVC ?

When you’re appearing for a startup or a small scale organisation end to end knowledge is must. Where as in the big companies they have a dedicated team for Release and Deployment of apps in the AppsStore.

  1. What are the different type of certificates available ?
  2. How many internal and external testers are allowed in iTunesConnect ?
  3. What is an UDID ?
  4. What is the maximum life time for a test build in iTunesConnect ?
  5. What is Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment ?
  6. How does TestFlight works ?
  7. Difference between app ID and bundle ID ?
  8. What is the difference between version number and build no ?
  9. Can we receive push notifications in Adhoc certified test build ?
  10. What are provisioning profiles and its types ?

I have seen some of the companies ask to do a small implementation without using the Internet, so prepare yourself to work in those situations.

Checkout part 2 of this series to find the tips and preparation mechanism for system test and advanced technical rounds

iOS Interview Questions 2019 - Part 2

Questions, Tips and Tricks to clear iOS Interview Questions

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