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Aaina Jain

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Aaina is an author at swiftpublished.com; originally from Udaipur, India; currently residing in Bangalore, India.

She has nearly a decade & a quarter years of experience as an iOS Developer, team lead, tech lead and now enjoying her managerial role in Gojek.

She is one of the first & few women I have seen who is passionate about coding & the fun of it, she was also my mentor when I was getting introduced to the architecture side of things. She is a part of organising & speaking in multiple Swift meet-ups & conferences in the town, a known face in the Bangalore iOS Dev community & a great Medium writer.

Her best spot of the day is when she is with her cute little daughter, she is a proud mother enjoying every bit of it. She doesn’t mind getting her feet wet in a beach vacay once in a while with the family.

She loves to guide young developers, feel free to reach out to her @aaina-jain on Linkedin or @__aainajain on Twitter for any help or just to say hi.

Keep going, because that's the only way.

‒ Aaina

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