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Muralidharan Kathiresan

Author Murali posing in a conference

Murali is a author of swiftpublished.com; originally from Tiruchirappalli, India; currently residing in London, UK.

He has over a decade of experience in iOS Development, dating back to iOS 5. He loves everything about Apple, a nerd when it comes to best coding practices & app architecture. He is passionate about learning new technology, meeting community people & sharing ideas on Swift or iOS conferences & meet-ups.

When he is not coding, he likes to explore new places, people & cultures, getting lost in the alleys of Italy was a recent one.

You should say hi to him on Twitter @Muralidharan_K or on Linkedin @muralidharankathiresan, he likes to help fellow developers who are just stating out.

Conferences & Talks

TCA: Path towards Building Better SwiftUI Apps

Murali pitched about TCA architecture on Pragma Conference 2023 (the first international conference in Italy entirely dedicated to iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS Development) lsat October, along with a prestigious lineup of speakers from the community.

It’s time for Pull Request 2.0

Murali talking about the best practices, challenges & importance of a good Pull Request in APPDEVCON 2023. Also giving some tips on how to review one, touching upon few automations that can be done to keep us in check.

The same is presented at NSLondon Meetup:

Orgnizing team of SwiftLeeds conference

Murali is part of the SwiftLeeds conference organising team, one of the best Swift conferences in Europe. He is also one of the few app contributors for its iOS App.

Author Murali with his SwiftLeeds team

iOS Interview Tips

Murali along with his ex-teammate @Aaina join @Alex & @Sandeep from Inside iOS Dev to discuss about how to crack that next iOS Developer Interview in this turbulent market.


Murali helps coach students and professionals on various topics as a topmate mentor, you can book a session to chat with him here

The only reason we have come this far, is our community.

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